In a Strategic Partnership with our Software-platform Providers and Regional Strategic Partners we will become the World’s largest and more professional “Tyre Fleet Management” Global Solutions Company.


Offering to End-Customers tailored solutions for an ongoing Fleet Asset Optimization.


Through the professional use of the most advanced technologies and the support of Skilful White-Hairs Managers experts in:

Tyres Maintenance

Data Analysis

Tyres Management

We will be leading our Regional Partners to help fleets in proper tyre maintenance and management, optimizing their operations and the use of tyres, that way reducing their costs and improving earnings.


We do business in respect of all local legislation, partners and customers.

We personally model the expected values, business ethics, and behaviors;

We provide full disclosure of all issues whether they are negative or positive

We walk the talk.


We commit to make our dream to become reality

We make a personal commitment to the success of the company.

We seek mutual interests through close communication with partners and customers.

We convey our passion to customers through professional and innovative working spirit.

We strive for Excellence


We work in team

We will not leave anyone hanging behind

We look out of the window for  successes and the mirror for failure

We have the spirit of growing together