Save time & money in your Fleet Tyre Maintenance procedures

Tyre Management means: “optimizing tyre use in order to minimize tyres’ cost of ownership”; to perform such activity frequent inspections are required, at least each vehicle must be inspected on monthly basis.

This operation is involving group of workers, operating in very narrow and inconvenient location, further the inspections are costly due to time consuming especially in Europe. (Workers cost per hour is 26 € in average)

Tools that speed up fleet inspection and tyre pressure on line and in real time, would really save good money and manpower.

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EDP ( in cooperation with GFS Telematika ( are proud to announce the launch of the first integrated platform Tyre Management and TPMS remote control.

EDP’s Fleet Check and Tyre Park ® offering a combination of ‘on-site’ data capture and web reporting software packages, can deliver high value management solutions to the tyre distributor, the tyre manufacturer and the fleet operator.

EDP ‘s solutions provide on demand, automated systems, that significantly Tabletspeed up processes and afford the level of transparency of operation required to increase efficiencies and speed under management.

Fleet Check® Tyre Park ®                                     Remote Tyre Guard®

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Fleet Check® Tyre Park® major benefit:

  • Knowledge of works to do on a tyre fleet
  • Intervention planning optimization
  • Fleet tyre assessment at a given moment and, where appropriate, its evolution
  • Prospecting new customers
  • Quickness
  • Get instant access to information about your fleet wherever you are
  • Flexibility
  • Fleet status at any time
  • Ergonomic
  • Enjoy the fluency of the software and its playful and pleasant environment

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Tire Pressure monitoring in Real-time

  • Real time tracking and history data traces tracking
  • 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer movement status monitoring
  • Firmware update by OTA 
  • Support DC 9v --50v , over-voltage protection
  • Send commands to GPS trackers via GPRS
  • Send GPRS data to IP or domain name
  • 16Mb Flash Memory (stores 4000pcs or so data)
  • Highly detailed maps
  • Micro SD card integration

Major benefits for the fleet:

  1. Fuel Saving
    1. 10 PSI drop in inflation pressure = 1% less fuel mileage
    2. 15% under inflation = approx. 2.5% decrease inKm per lt
  2. Road aside tyre failures
    1. Cost of service (from 300 till 600 €)
    2. Cost for the new tyres (depend on the brand)
    3. Eventual mechanical organ damaged (374000 €)
    4. Eventual Penalties
  3. Time Saving in Checking pressure
    1. Manually 10 minutes 2 persons per vehicle (if properly managed)