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The Problem

Despite you put a lot of care and you follow all the fitting procedures established by the vehicle manufacturer, sometime your twin tyres fall off YOUR VEHICLE!

We wish should never happen but unfortunately (unless your tyre maintenance program establish to re-torque with a calibrated wrench your tyres every couple of days) it might happen that first the drive external position suddenly followed by the internal one get the freedom to jump in the road causing a lot of disasters.

There are some reasons for which this happen: frequently stop and go, some dust that fall between the two rims while screwing the bolts and dissolve after a while, fit the tyres when rims and hub are hot, maintenance issues.

………….and when it happen better you start praying!

Fortunately it doesn’t happen so often but ………It’s enough that this happens only once in your fleet to give you thousands of headaches!

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The Solution

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Finally a solution that last forever with no compromise

  1. Primary focus: to avoid the likelihood of wheel nuts movements
  2. Primary benefits: a retaining link of two adjacent wheel nut avoiding nuts movements; you will never lose a tyres
  3. Easy to fit: it does not replace the vehicles manufacturer fitting procedures and it adapts itself to the wheel nut position once closed with the calibrated wrench.
  4. Safety “locknut”

Two ”wheel lockers” for tyre position are enough to ensure safety

The systems is a unique solution that last forever

Operating Temperature Range: not-influent the wheel lockers are made by steel.

Fitting Systems

1) Adjust the wheel looker length to the wheel nut distance

2) Insert the two eyelets in the wheel nut till the bottom

3) Tight the wheel locker with the long nut max 6 nm (1)

4) Secure the tight with the lock nut (2)

Certificate Wheel Lockers

We are proud to announce that, after several tests, the Wheel Locker has obtained the Certificate of Conformity, from GTU ( one of the most prestigious laboratory in Germany specialized in the Automotive Industry.


Nr.: GTÜ StVZO19.2-16005.00